The kingdom of heaven is like unto a mustard seed. As Christ’s church grows in the Earth, and the nations are discipled we expect God’s people to experience His blessings on them as society experiences a sanctifying process that will make our world look more like the Garden. In this sermon we learn that as creation groans under the burden of the curse, creation itself also experiences a type of reconciliation through the work of Christ. Isiah spoke of the lion lying down with lambs and little children leading dangerous animals. Could it be that the church could witness supernatural changes in creation itself as God’s people grow in their sanctification and take dominion for His glory? Other passages referenced in this teaching are: Isaiah 11:1-10, 1 John 2:1-6, Matthew 21:33-46, and Kenneth L Gentry’s book, Thine is the Kingdom, featuring an essay written by the late B.B. Warfield.
A Warning: Fervent Faithless Futility Forever Continue in His Kindness