How are Christians to respond to injustice? How are we to think, speak, and respond when bad things go wrong? We start by believing that God sees everything and we trust Him. We also acknowledge that vengeance belongs to God alone and all injustice will be dealt with eventually. We are sinners ourselves and are guilty of injustice, therefore our attitude should be a humble one. We do not ignore injustice, we call it what it is, but our response is based on Jesus’s teachings to turn the other cheek, and care for even our enemies. If our enemy is hungry or thirsty we provide for those needs as we are able. We are to never avenge ourselves, rather we are to conquer evil with good. It is noteworthy that Christ didn’t resist suffering, and He is our example. In summary, when we face injustice we should not: ignore it, fight injustice in our flesh, or flee. We are to Trust God, leave vengeance to Him, and minister to even our enemies with simple and surprising acts of kindness. The one exception to this teaching about vengeance is in the case of the sword bearer, appointed by the civil magistrate who is to carry out capital punishment as required.
Genuine Love: Thoughtful and peaceable Overcome Evil with Good